The Theosophist

Many users have interest in our monthly journals, particularly The Theosophist . This page is intended to be a FAQ.

Key to 'The Theosophist'


Q. What is 'The Theosophist'
A. It is a  journal published montly since 1879, by The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar 

Q. Who is the Editor?
A. First edited by Madame H.P. Blavatsky, then by successive International Presidents of the The Theosophical Society - H.S.Olcott, Annie Besant, G.S. Arundale, C.Jinarajadasa, N.Sri Ram, John B.S. Coats, Radha Burnier. Mr Tim Boyd, the present holder of that office has been its editor since 2014.

Q. How many pages does it have?
A. Usually, it has 45 pages. Sometimes, it has more pages. Special issue may be theme based. 

Q. What does it contain?
A. It begins with thoughts of Editor, in which Editor surveys international Theosophical and related fields.
Articles celebrating and revealing the unity of life, contributions on ecology; health; science; astrology; the religions;
Articles on higher sense-perception, the bridge-between the worlds ; clairvoyance, clairaudience, psychokinesis, after-death experiences, mysticism, intuition, occultism ;
TS news, and announcements. 

Q. I want to read it regularly. How do I get it?
A. Subscribe to it. We offer annual subscription. It includes delivery by India Post Bulk postage.

Q. I have subscribed. When will I start receiving it.
A. Bulk postage ( no tracking number) is made at Chennai Post Office on 7th of every month. 

Q. There are many carriers. Why select this one?
A. It is most economical. It has a wide reach.

Q. I did not receive my copy. What should I do?
A. Inform us, after waiting a reasonable period for carrier to deliver

Q. What is considered as reasonable wait period?
A. 30 calendar days, counted from 7th of each month.

Q. What do you do when I inform you of non-delivery?
A. We will dispatch another copy at our cost.  

Q. I want more certainty with delivery problems.
A. Upgrade to higher shipping rate options. It has tracking number.

Q. Tell me more about higher shipping rate options.
A. Post office offers "Speed Post" service. It is faster and carries tracking number. We can also work with other carriers if you prefer.  Tell us what works for you.

Q. I want to read it now! Can't wait any longer!!!
A. Download back issues. It is in pdf.